Auto Drive way

We guarantee efficient delivery of your temperature-sensitive cargo to any location

Dedicated Trucking

No1 Transport provides dedicated trucking /intensive service across the UAE

Retail Distribution

Our retail distribution service ensures safe and on-time delivery of your goods

Containers Services

No1 Transport provides containerized land transportation services


No1 Transport is committed to providing the best transport service solutions to our customers. Our customers are our No 1 priority. Our core values are guided by our passion to operate with the highest standards of integrity and reliability, contribute to the achievement of our customer’s business, and build a lasting relationship with them. As we are a company managed by Allied Haulage Group, a pioneer in land transport and haulage, we guarantee to deliver expert transport solutions that can keep up with the changing time and technology

Customized Service to meet your business requirements

No1 Transport provides customized trucking solutions that meet individual customer’s requirements.

Storage & Warehousing services

We have our own warehouses and yard that offer storage and warehousing solutions to assist and support your business.

Custom Duty Payment

No1 transport provides the facility for online Custom duty payment on behalf of customers 24/7 on the borders.

Cross Docking

We distribute materials directly to customers with minimal or no storage space to ensure efficient and shorter handling time.

Advisory Solutions

No1 Transport offers expert advisory solutions and guidance to help you navigate through any shipment problems.

Shipment tracking services

GPS availability to track your shipments and option to provide you with a password for self-tracking.


No1 Transport’s experienced team handles all types of imports/exports procedure and documentation through online collaboration.

Consulting Services

Our expert shipping consultants define and develop the right processes to help you uncover specific problems.

Custom Clearance

No1 transport provides customs clearance services for all GCC and Levant customers to ensure shipments are approved and delivered on time.